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resident evil 4 remake Trainer For PC - Download Last Updated

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resident evil 4 remake Trainer

About this game

Resident Evil 4 Remake not only does right by its original source of inspiration, but it also sets a high bar for what modern day remakes can be. All components of the story have been finetuned into a more well-thought out package, and that’s before mentioning the game’s full use of today’s graphical prowess to deliver a more terrifying interpretation of rural Spain. The core gameplay also retains what made it so great back in the day, but with modern amenities such as a parrying system, quick-select for weapons and the ability to run. And despite the new improvements, the increased aggressiveness of the enemies ensures that the game never feels like a cakewalk. I don’t know who still needs to be convinced at this point, but Resident Evil 4 is a masterpiece that I cannot recommend enough.

It contains Trainer resident evil 4 remake 36 Options 

Game Version: v1.0-v20230921 + Last Updated: 2023.09.26

OPTIONS Trainer resident evil 4 remake

Num 1 – God Mode/Ignore Hits
Num 2 – Infinite Health
Num 3 – Edit Max Health
Num 4 – Infinite Armor 
Num 5 – Infinite Items 
Num 6 – Infinite Ammo 
Num 7 – No Reload
Num 8 – Infinite Knife Durability 
Num 9 – Set Game Speed
Num 0 – Set Player Movement Speed
Num . – Set AI Movement Speed
Num + – Easy Kills 
PageUp – Damage Multiplier 
PageDown – Defense Multiplier

Ctrl+Num 1 – Edit Pesetas
Ctrl+Num 2 – Pesetas Multiplier
Ctrl+Num 3 – Edit Spinels 
Ctrl+Num 4 – Edit Exclusive Upgrade Tickets 
Ctrl+Num 5 – Edit CP
Ctrl+Num 6 – Unlock All Extra Content Shop Items
Ctrl+Num 7 – Easy Crafting 

Alt+Num 1 – No Recoil
Alt+Num 2 – Super Accuracy
Alt+Num 3 – Change FOV
Alt+Num 4 – Max Shooting Range Score
Alt+Num 5 – Edit Gold Tokens 
Alt+Num 6 – Edit Silver Tokens 
Alt+Num 7 – Reset Save Count 
Alt+Num 8 – Freeze Play Time 
Alt+Num 9 – Adjust Play Time (+/- Minutes) 

F1 – Mercenary Mode: Freeze Timer
F2 – Mercenary Mode: Freeze Combo Timer
F3 – Mercenary Mode: Max Mayhem Gauge
F4 – Mercenary Mode: Infinite Mayhem Duration
F5 – Mercenary Mode: Max Score 
F6 – Mercenary Mode: Score Multiplier

Download Trainer resident evil 4 remake


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